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Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program

Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) is available to any Albertan resident with a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness. Aids to Daily Living (ADL) program assists individuals with permanent disabilities in obtaining funding for essential medical equipment and supplies that help them with daily living activities.


To be eligible for funding, you must first be clinically assessed by an AADL-approved health care provider, such as a Physiotherapist, who are also called AADL authorizers. Once you are authorized for benefit funding, an AADL-approved vendor – the store that provides medical equipment and supplies – will help provide the benefit and collect your cost-share portion for the benefit, if applicable. AADL does not reimburse clients, including those who purchase their own medical equipment and supplies before being assessed and authorized for the equipment and supplies.


There are no income requirements to be eligible for AADL benefits. AADL is a cost-share program. Albertans pay 25% of the benefit cost to a maximum of $500 per individual or family per year. Low-income Albertans and people receiving income assistance do not pay the cost-sharing portion.

Eligibility for AADL

You may be eligible for benefits through AADL if you:

  • are an Alberta resident with a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan card
  • require assistance because of a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness
  • long-term and chronic are defined as being 6 months or longer

Who is not eligible for AADL

You may not be eligible for AADL benefits if you are eligible to receive comparable benefits from another source, including:

  • Veterans Affairs (if you are a veteran who needs help because of a medical condition from active duty)
  • Workers’ Compensation Board
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Directorate, First Nations and Inuit Branch, Health Canada. People who have treaty status on or off a reserve receive assistance from NIHB with their medical equipment and supplies
  • If a benefit is not available through NIHB, and if clients are eligible for AADL, then AADL benefits can be accessed.
  • a private insurance plans

AADL Vendors

You must buy your medical equipment or supplies from an approved Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) vendor. Approved vendors include some home health care stores, pharmacies. Your authorizer will provide you with a list of at least 3 vendors, or you may choose your own from the list of approved vendors. You can change your AADL vendor or supplier based on need or choice by working with your authorizer to select a new vendor from the list. Refer to the list below:


To learn more about AADL Program, please visit the following website:

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